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Parents file claim against NCLUSD after teen assaulted

A claim has been filed against the Newman Crows Landing Unified School District by the parents of a teenager who was beaten by another teen during school hours at West Valley High School.

The claim, which could lead to a lawsuit if not settled, states that the District failed to take steps that would have protected the 16-year-old girl from her attacker.

“This is a graphic case of a school district’s neglect,” said attorney Adam Stewart, who is representing the parents and their daughter. “Every duty that was owed to this young lady by the school district was breached or broken.”

The attack happened around noon on March 6. The two assailants — teenage girls who were not students at the school — were able to enter the campus and into a classroom without anyone stopping them and none of the safety measures, like a locked gate and door, being utilized, according to the claim.


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