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Workers Compensation

We offer comprehensive legal services for workers’ compensation, aiding employees and employers in navigating California’s complex regulations to ensure fair compensation and compliance.

Serious Personal Injury

Specializing in severe personal injury law, we advocate for the rights of victims, pursuing maximum compensation for physical, emotional, and financial damages incurred due to negligence or misconduct.

Civil Litigation

Our team provides expert representation in civil litigation, resolving disputes through negotiation or court proceedings to protect our client’s rights and interests in various legal matters.

Public Employee & Labor Representation

We represent public employees and labor unions, addressing issues related to employment rights, working conditions, and collective bargaining agreements in alignment with California labor laws.

Wrongful Death

Committed to pursuing justice for families affected by wrongful death, we provide compassionate and dedicated legal representation to hold responsible parties accountable and secure rightful compensation.

Uninsured Employer Defense

We specialize in defending uninsured employers against claims, ensuring a fair process and minimizing financial and legal liability in compliance with California’s workers’ compensation laws.

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