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Why Clients Choose Us?

We care about our clients and consistently provide the ultimate legal representation. We work tirelessly to add value and promote resolution on each case, then develop a plan to achieve the best results for clients and their families. We’re committed to maintaining positive relationships and appreciate our many satisfied past and present clients who send referrals our way. 

Moorad, Clark and Stewart offers bilingual services (se habla Español) and free consultations. For your convenience, we have offices in Modesto and Stockton, and are the only Northern California legal firm with an office at the Stockton Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board to serve all applicant and defense needs. For exceptional representation and best outcomes, don’t wait. Contact Moorad, Clark and Stewart today.


Navigating the complexities of legal issues can be daunting, and you likely have several questions. Below are some frequently asked questions to help guide you, but we're always available for a more personalized discussion.

I've been injured. I’m not sure if I need a lawyer. Can I do this on my own?

You are entitled to represent yourself and not retain an attorney. However, without a thorough understanding of the law, you won’t know all the options available and how to navigate the complex legal system. Having a knowledgeable, experienced attorney on your side gives you 1) peace of mind, 2) assurance that no one will take advantage of you, and 3) ensures that you receive the maximum compensation for injuries, lost wages, etc., under the law. To be on the safe side – and to achieve a fair and full recovery – choose Moorad, Clark, and Stewart.

What do your services cost?

We offer a free consultation before considering new cases and work on a contingency basis. This means you don’t pay for attorney’s fees, court costs, experts’ fees, etc. until insurance companies and/or other entities compensate you after the case concludes. After we receive a percentage of the recovery amount and taxes and other applicable fees are paid, you will receive the balance. The amount will help you pay in full or offset medical, rehabilitation, therapy costs, pain and suffering, and more.

What if the insurance company wants to send me a settlement?

It may seem like the fastest, easiest route is to take the check. Remember that insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible. It’s important that you don’t accept a settlement, provide information to the insurance company, make recorded statements, or sign away your legal rights before knowing your options. When you work with the highly competent attorneys at Moorad, Clark, and Stewart, you will have expert representation to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to.

I have questions about family or civil law, a criminal offense, employment or workers' compensation. Can you help?

Please call us at (209)526-0522, and we’ll set up a time to answer your questions. We’re here to help you resolve the matter, so you can put this issue behind you.

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