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Details emerge in Twain Harte shooting case

Details emerge in Twain Harte shooting case

Alisha Wyman, The Union Democrat

Published Jan 16, 2009 at 11:19AM / Updated Aug 23, 2015 at 08:33PM

The victim of an April shooting in Twain Harte testified Thursday during the trial of the teen who allegedly wielded the gun.

Twain Harte resident Brandt Walther, 18, is charged with attempted murder and assault with a firearm for allegedly shooting Jason Dyer, 22, following a punk rock concert in Eproson Park April 11. Walther’s trial began Wednesday.

Dyer took the stand in a bright blue shirt and baggy blue jeans, a tattoo peaking from his shirt collar on his neck and another from his sleeve on his forearm.

Dyer, who is known as “Too Tall,” stands at 6 feet, 6 inches tall and barely fit on the witness stand.

During questioning from Deputy District Attorney Eric Hovatter, Dyer admitted that animosity exists between him and Walther.

Dyer has also had problems with Eric Haddan, who pleaded guilty to

assault with a firearm in connection with the case. The row began when

he found out Haddan “messed around with” his ex girlfriend, he said.

On April 11, he saw Walther at the concert and noticed he was

“throwing me the cold shoulder,” he said. He also heard rumors that

Walther wanted to fight him.

Later, on the way back from a beer run, he ran into friend Paige

Stump, who had just gotten in a fight with her boyfriend, Shawn Pello.

Stump asked Dyer to go find Pello, who is the little brother of an


Dyer headed to the ball field in the park, calling Pello’s name, he said.

As he passed the corner of the snack shack near the home plate

bleachers, he suffered the first gun shot. At first, he walked toward

the shooter, thinking it was a cap or paint ball gun.

“I didn’t think it was actual gun shots,” he said. “I mean, it didn’t click.”

He was shot again in the groin, so he stumbled back behind the snack shack building, he said.

Co-counsel Adam Stewart was sharp and quick in questioning,

reiterating that Dyer has convictions for forgery, drug possession,

possessing a stolen vehicle and drunk driving.

He also asked Dyer about his tattoos, one of which is for his sister, and the other, which says “ruthless.”

“You didn’t see Brandt Walther shoot you right?” Stewart asked.


“You didn’t see Brandt Walther with a gun that night?”


Stewart also pointed out that the conflict that Hovatter introduced

between Walther and Dyer, which involved a dog Dyer had given his

ex-girlfriend, wasn’t serious.

Dyer answered that there was never a serious physical fight or argument over it.

Stewart revealed that Dyer had been drinking that night, after

making two runs to the store to buy a pint of whiskey, a 40-ounce

bottle of beer and a 30-pack of beer for friends.

Dyer responded that he was intoxicated, but could still walk

straight, didn’t have blurred vision and could care for himself.

The trial will continue today, then jurors will have a break until next Wednesday.